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Instituto Eneagrama promotes the transformation in the lives of its customers and organizations around the world.

Through our exclusive methodology, the Enneagram is used as a tool for self-development, offering behavioral changes and professional and organizational personal growth.

Our trainings seek to meet the need of every human being or organization: change, evolve, transform.

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Personality Enneagram
Extensive, intensive, online and in-company modalities
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Process Enneagram
Extensive and in-company modalities
Essence Enneagram
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Advanced Enneagram
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Seminars and Lectures and Workshops
Open or in-company format according to customer's needs
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Discover the 9 types of the enneagram

Click on the numbers below, know the personality characteristics of each profile and find out which one you most identify with

Personality Type 1 - The Perfectionist
Personality Type 2 - The Helpful
Personality Type 3 - The Successful
Personality Type 4 - The Romantic
Personality Type 5 - The Observer
Personality Type 6 - The Questioner
Personality Type 7 - The Dreamer
Personality Type 8 - The Confronter
Personality Type 9 - The Preservationist
Do you want to know more about the types of the enneagram and what is your profile?
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In our youtube channel we have a lot of content for those who are interested in the subject and want to know more about our training.

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The Eneagram Institute is the largest company in the Brazil and the world specialist in Enneagram. We promote improvements and development in our customers' lives.

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