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Emotional management is the ability to manage your emotions and is closely linked to the emotional quotient of each individual. Emotional quotient is how much each individual is emotionally intelligent. Emotional intelligence is a set of skills, which if developed, becomes the ability to recognize and understand the emotions in themselves and in others, thinking clearly and objectively about emotions and using that knowledge to manage their behavior and relationships.

  • Self-consciousness:This is the level where the individual has the ability to be fulfilled as a human being. Self-awareness means perceiving and feeling what you are causing to yourself and to others.
  • Self-management:It is the ability to manage your emotions, raising your ability to perceive your strengths and weaknesses and thus managing them in a positive way, having greater clarity and balance between thinking, feeling and acting (and less reacting), obtaining superior results and, above all, well-being.
  • Social awareness:It is the individual’s ability to interpret the feelings, intentions and motivations of others through what we call EMPATHY. That is, to deepen the vision and understanding of the reasons why a person is the way they are by interpreting words, gestures, and goals implied in each speech.
  • Relationship management:It is the ability to use acquired skills to successfully manage personal and professional interactions.

There are researches that confirm the need for emotional intelligence in all areas of life. According to research by the TalentSmart* consulting firm, EQ (Emotional Quotient) may be more decisive for career success than the famous IQ (Intelligence Quotient).

The consulting firm tested emotional intelligence along with 33 other important skills in the workplace, and found that emotional intelligence is the strongest performance factor, with a total of 58% success in any market.

The survey, with more than 1 million people, also showed that about 90% of the best evaluated and considered individuals are skilled in managing their emotions.


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