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In an ever-changing world, we feel pressured every day. It is often necessary to go through situations that are beyond our control and cause suffering to find the necessary forces to change.

When transformation is no longer an option, only one invitation remains: Let’s change?Remember: Life is movement, and everything is constantly changing, whether you want it or not.

When we think of change, we tend to look at our personal and professional lives as something alien to the relationships we have, the company we work in, and the environment in which we live. However, recent BCG research shows that everything is intertwined and that emotions directly influence our success and the one of the companies.

So why is change so difficult to accomplish?

First we need to recognize that we are imperfect beings and that we depend on and perform tasks through other people. We depend on other people to success. To achieve any meaningful result, we need a team.

Therefore, among the many possible explanations, we can list:

– Companies are more concerned with technical issues and less with what people feel and think.

– Each person has their experiences, their motivations and often these issues are unknown to us.

– It is our past that tells us what we believe in and how we feel about various situations in our lives.

And what’s the solution?


We cannot have full control over our own personality, but we can be aware of the part we reveal to the outside world. Managing emotions requires self-awareness and courage to take responsibility for your feelings, behaviors, decisions and results.

Have you ever asked yourself at least one of the questions below?

What kind of life do I want to live?

How have I been dealing with the people around me?

What do I feel when I think about my current life?

What is stopping me from doing what I really want?

What aspects of my life prevent me from thinking about really important things?

What word would I use to define the person I am?

Becoming aware of feelings and learning to trust them is your best source for information and decision-making. By doing this, you improve your relationships and get better at managing your projects and leading people.

The result is that personal transformation reflects in professional life. A business also depends on the transformation of individuals. In our experience, people and companies do not spend enough time observing and understanding their own motivations, their purposes or going beyond their own intellectual and emotional comfort zones.

Are you ready to transform?

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