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    Common questions

    Does IE only use an enneagram as a tool in its training?

    Yes. The Enneagram is the tool we use to build our products. It is a procedural and dynamic symbol, that is, anything that represents a process with a beginning, middle and end can be explained through its symbol. We believe in the potential of this tool, so rich and widely applicable in different areas of our lives. We gathered in our training all this knowledge in the experience and dedication in emotional management, project management and personal and professional development of each individual.

    How does IE use the enneagram in its training?

    In IE, we currently use the Enneagram (9-point symbols) in two ways. The first is like a map for understanding the patterns of human behavior, through our Personality Enneagram training. The second way is applied in project management, through our Process Enneagram training. We encourage participants to understand and use the maps of each training in a practical way in their daily lives.

    Is the enneagram applied only to patterns of human behavior?

    No, the Enneagram can be applied in several areas and for the understanding of the most varied subjects. Since it is a procedural symbol, anything that represents a process with a beginning, middle and end can be explained through its symbol. Here at IE, we use the Enneagram to understand human behavior and project management. Today we can find hundreds of applications of Enneagrams, in the most diverse areas. As an example of this variety, the International Enneagram Association - IEA (www.internationalenneagram.org), has as one of its objectives to promote the different applications of the Enneagram. Therefore, the Enneagram is not personality, but a tool that we use to understand the dynamics of personality.

    What is the therapeutic basis that supports IE's work with the enneagram?

    All of our work begins with the Personality Enneagram and behavior patterns. In IE, the therapeutic basis is Reichian-oriented body psychotherapy (Wilhelm Reich, 1897-1957), mainly in the context of the phases of personality development, muscular armor of the character and characterization of the defenses.

    This therapeutic basis allows us to use the Enneagram of the 9 Emotions (anger, pride, vanity, envy, greed, fear, gluttony, lust and indolence) and offer a direct relationship between these emotions and the muscular organization. When we speak of fear, for example, we are not only attached to suspicious behavior, but to the typical tensions that are related to this emotion, such as a high diaphragm, short breathing, anxiety and tension in the eye segment. By understanding the context of how we organize ourselves to support all parallel functions related to fear, we can describe typical contents that are manifested in the consciousness sustained by this emotion.

    This orientation allows us to recognize identical behaviors sustained by different emotions, or even opposite behaviors sustained by the same emotion. We left the question of "what does the person do and what does he say" to "how he does it and how he says it", offering participants an objective observation tool, not just an interpretative one.

    Is there an ideal or better pattern of behavior?

    There is no better standard of behavior than another, as we all have strengths and weaknesses. By bringing awareness of who you are, the recognition of how we organize our own standard, as well as the dysfunctions that are not healthy and do not contribute to our quality of life, increases. In this way, we have the possibility to improve even more.

    Is there an ideal time to conduct the Personality Enneagram training?

    No. Our training is for any moment of your life, as long as you believe that emotional balance can support your personal and professional growth, improve the quality of your interpersonal relationships and open up new horizons in search of transformation in your life.

    How do I find out my type?

    There is a specific session in our training to identify each participant, after the presentation of the 9 Types and their respective characteristics. The discovery of the Type is a process of self-identification conducted by the Trainer, that is, the support of the specialist makes the moment more assertive, but it is the participant's responsibility to point out to which behavior pattern it belongs.

    Does everyone have a "Type" on the enneagram?

    We all adopt patterns of behavior, from common everyday things (the way we dry each other after a shower or the way we brush our teeth) to more complex issues, like our judgment parameters, our right and wrong references , our way of perceiving reality, among others.

    When, in the Enneagram, we say that someone has a Pattern of Behavior or a Type, we are referring to the set of actions, thoughts and feelings attached to a predominant emotion. This set is personal, dynamic and unique. Even so, it is based on an emotion that sustains it and that brings repetitive behaviors - hence the pattern.

    Is the Personality Enneagram training type astral chart?

    If we look at it from the perspective of seeking to understand our behaviors, yes. But, unlike the birth chart (which looks outwards, towards the sky, planets and stars in the universe), in the Personality Enneagram we look for answers closer, that is, within us. So we look more deeply at our repetitive patterns of behavior and why we are the way we are.

    Can anyone carry out the training?

    Yes, the Personality Enneagram is for anyone who is open to knowing and applying emotional intelligence in their daily lives. In addition, it can be applied in companies to emotionally develop the team and thus increase the results of the business as a whole. To participate in the Process Enneagram training (project management), you must have passed the Personality Enneagram training.

    Why is the Personality Enneagram a prerequisite for conducting our other trainings?

    The first step is to understand who you are, that is, to recognize what your weaknesses and strengths are, your pattern. So, for the individual to be emotionally intelligent, he needs to respect his emotions, validate them, that is, give himself the right to feel what you feel and manage these emotions so that they are not harmful to your goals and results.

    For the Eneagram Institute any and all professional changes must begin with a personal change, so our programs operate both personally and professionally.

    I do therapy, can I do the Personality Enneagram?

    Yes. Our training complements and enhances results for those who already perform some type of professional monitoring, such as therapy, psychotherapy, among others. E-Personality is not a group therapy nor is it intended to be. For this reason, we respect professionals in the field of psychology and psychiatry and understand the importance of specialized follow-ups to resolve personal issues. Our job is to make your own role model more aware by identifying behavioral patterns. By recognizing your operating model, it is easier to understand and enhance specific issues in your daily life.

    How can I clear my doubts about training?

    During training, participants are accompanied by Trainers and support teams, and can answer questions in person or via WhatsApp.

    Are places limited? Why?

    Yes. Places are limited because our purpose is to transform each participant. So, in order for you to have the best experience possible within our training, both online and in person, we limit the number of vacancies. Thus, we can give full attention to each class and contribute to the personal and professional transformation of each individual.

    What are the forms of payment for training?

    Each franchise follows its unit's commercial policy. Therefore, the ideal is for you to contact the Franchise closest to you and check values and payment methods.

    The Eneagram Institute is the largest company in the Brazil and the world specialist in Enneagram. We promote improvements and development in our customers' lives.

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