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You may have read or heard about Enneagram personality and can be found in books and websites. The Institute Enneagram does not provide any online test, as it understands that the process identification of the behavioral pattern, based on the Enneagram, is complex and deep and must be carried out with the accompaniment of a certified, qualified and experienced team.

The practical methodology and Eneagram Institute's exclusive program encourages participants to investigation of how the elements described through the Enneagram are present in their lives, and in what situations are beneficial or harmful. The main objective is to increase awareness of ourselves and the differences between people, learning to respect themselves and others.

The profile is discovered through experiences, examples practices and participation of each participant. Only on the 5th session it is possible that each individual will be able to identify what his behavior pattern. The process goes deeper than the application of a questionnaire, which answers the initial curiosity, but does not provide the tools and practical content necessary for the individual to be able to use in your day to day.

The test should not be seen as a beaconn and determinant in his journey of self-knowledge through the Enneagram. Use the Enneagram allows us to recognize how each of the 9 emotions is present in our lives and, consequently, which is the most present and predominant. When this work is directed, as in the Eneagram Institute, the participant recognizes that, even acting differently in each situation and discovering things in each of the 9 patterns, there is a basic motivation so unconscious how much constant. That each phase is involved with a set of emotions and a same as predominant. That throughout life we ​​seek the same thing, in different ways many different.

>The expansion of awareness of ourselves and the people who surround us, allows us to search for new ways of expressing ourselves, responding more to our real desires and less to the desires related to the pattern of behavior.

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