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The 9 types

Personality Type 3 - The Successful

Emotional Addiction = Vanity

People who have adopted Type 3 are action-oriented or planning-oriented for recognition. They have a mercantilist vision, which guides them in their pursuit of success. The emotional addiction is Vanity, which is unconscious, being justified by progressive attitude and efficient self-image.

The name Successful comes from its attachment to the image and the value it translates; success is a means of gaining self-worth.

The main negative consequence, of this way of organizing lies in the difficulty in recognizing their real needs. Such self-detachment reveals distant people, who disguise their coldness with a humanistic image. They are fond of the result, stressing everyone around them in the name of excellence."The ends justify the means. If the winds have changed, adjust the sails." They act to take advantages, committing themselves to people to the extent those people become useful for them to achieve their goals.

In companies, we find Type 3 usually linked to areas where there is scope for growth. Sales, advocacy, management, freelancers, consulting and advisory services are some of the common areas. Their ability to synthesize ideas and communicate leads to goal orientation. But in their compulsion, they become impersonal, demanding more than people could give; besides being uncommitted and able to leave a project when before a more attractive proposal.

For greater balance:

When Type 3 recognize their behavior pattern as a way of organizing themselves and not what they really are, they are open to developing the neutralization of emotional addiction (Vanity) and contact with themselves through the virtue of Sincerity. This tool helps them to recognize what they want from themselves, no longer through success, admiration and recognition, allowing a greater integration of their feelings, thoughts and actions.

Examples of Type 3: Roberto Justus, Silvio Santos, Fátima Bernardes, Cristiano Ronaldo, Marília Gabriela.


  • Flexible

  • Focused

  • Motivators


  • Low self-esteem

  • Frantic

  • Manipulators

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