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Sicoob Metropolitano Internal Training

Sicoob Metropolitano, a credit union considered a benchmark in the sector, located in Maringá-PR, has been a partner of the Eneagram Institute since 2012. The company was experiencing a period of turnover and discontent among its executives - a factor that prevented them from expanding. The result was a general turnover of around 10%, which was expressed almost entirely in management positions, to less than 1% per year.

The Eneagram Institute, through its training, actively contributes for the company to obtain excellent results with its team. Currently, the company reaches a high engagement rate, exceeding 88% and growth is above 40% a.a.

With the search for an engaged and high performance team, since 2012, they obtained recognition from OCEPAR and GPTW in Brazil and Latin America. In this way, employees produce more, become more productive and the business becomes increasingly profitable. Today, Sicoob has a competitive advantage, because the differential of a company is its employees, having them engaged and aware is the ultimate goal.

The Eneagram Institute is the largest company in the Brazil and the world specialist in Enneagram. We promote improvements and development in our customers' lives.

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