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Type 4 - Romantic

Emotional addiction = Envy

People who have adopted Type 4 are emotionally focused, environmentally sensitive and emotionally unstable. Sensitive emotional perception makes them people who see what most people don't. The emotional addiction is Envy , which is unconscious, being justified by unsatisfied attitude and self-image of uniqueness. Of the nine emotions described in the enneagram, envy is the most misunderstood, aggravating the difficulty of Romantics in identifying themselves in the enneagram. What they easily recognize is dissatisfaction.

The name Romantic comes from comparing his life with an idealized one, in which "Yeah, things could be better." Criticism and the demand for originality make them known as authentic.

The main negative consequence , of this way of organizing lies in the difficulty in recognizing their real needs. Such self-detachment reveals people focused on what is lacking, being mordant or even complaining. But the common characteristic is dissatisfaction. "If only it were so". As the focus is on what is missing and the comparison is constant, they become critical and often ironic people. There is a basic feeling that they have been "screwed" by the world or by other people. It is worth pointing out that the subtypes of the 4 are the ones with the most characteristic differences, seeming different Types from each other.

In companies, we find Type 4 usually connected to an area where creativity and originality can be expressed. Stylisting, decorating, psychology and journalism are some of the common areas. Their keen critical sense and the taste for the different create a human environment, where one wants to be. When they feel free to express themselves, they flood the environment with colors. But in their compulsion, they become melancholic, loading the environment with their sense of dissatisfaction.

"Good Morning!" - Say João

"That's easy for you to say!" – Answers Vera..

For greater balance:

When Types 4 recognize their pattern of behavior as a way of organizing themselves rather than what they really are, they are open to developing the neutralization of emotional addiction (envy) and contact with themselves through the virtue of Equanimity. This tool helps them to recognize what they want from themselves, no longer by obtaining what is missing or what is outside, allowing a greater integration of their feelings, thoughts and actions.

Examples of Type 4:Caetano Veloso, Steve Jobs, Neymar, Sandy Lima, Cleo Pires.


  • Creative

  • Detailing

  • Sensible


  • Scathing critics

  • Depressed

  • Tragic

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