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Type 6 - The Questioner

Emotional addiction = Fear

People who have adopted Type 6 are focused on action or emotion, aiming at control. They are attentive and suspicious, although they do not necessarily express this. They prefer to prepare themselves rather than throw themselves off guard. The emotional addiction is Fear, which is unconscious, being justified by the cautious and realistic self-image. The name Questioner comes from the suspicious and alert attitude, "While you are starting things, I'm concluding them already." In the sexual subtype, we find the counterphobic form of fear, which is recognized with opposite attitudes to fear, such as "What are you looking at there? Are you going to face it?"

The main negative consequence , of this way of organizing lies in the difficulty in recognizing their real needs. Such self-detachment reveals anxious people, who always have a foot behind, who prefer the known and want to prepare for the unknown. "A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush." Or "Better safe than sorry." In the case of counterphobic people, the expression is always the opposite, of not submitting to another's command or at least aggressively questioning the other's intentions. "The best defense is the attack. While you are going, I am coming back" This is an attitude that hides a suspicion about the real intentions of others and a willingness to interpret others as a threat.

In companies, we find Type 6 normally linked to people and procedures management. Production, finance and HR are some of the common areas. Their ability to perceive risks makes them adept at critical processes, bringing a range of possibilities for failure. In addition, they are gregarious managers, who easily manage to bring the team spirit, in which the One is worth for all and all for one. Loyalty is a hallmark of this pattern of behavior. But in compulsion, they become strict collectors of rules and procedures, as a way to guarantee control. Counterphobics are found in leaders, taking risks as collaborators or entrepreneurs.

For greater balance:

When Type 6 recognize their pattern of behaviour as a way of organizing themselves and not what they really are, they are open to developing the neutralization of emotional addiction (Fear) and contact with themselves through the virtue of Courage and self-confidence. This tool helps them to recognize what they want from themselves, no longer through the rule or what is more logical or safe. They accept and express their emotions more, allowing a greater integration of their feelings, thoughts and actions.

Examples of Type 6: Luiz Felipe Scolari, Patrícia Poeta, Preta Gil, Tite, Tadeu Schimidt


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