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The 9 types

Personality Type 2 - The Provider

Emotional addiction = Pride

People who have adopted Type 2 are emotion-centered, have an acute perception of others, becoming conquerors, who know how to get what they want from people. The motional addiction is Pride, which is unconscious, being justified by a willing attitude and well-intentioned self-image. This emotion sustains a behavior based on the sense of self-sufficiency and capacity. "I can." The name Provider adapts comes from the high sense of capacity and the common attitude is to "I can, I know, I do." Skilled in relationships, they are often known as loved ones.

The main negative consequence this way of organizing resides in the difficulty in recognizing their real needs. Such distance from oneself reveals people focused on others, who become aggressive when not attended to. They develop a low tolerance for anything that translates to taking care of themselves. They suffer when they have to ask for something or when they cannot live up to the idealized image.

In companies, we find Type 2 usually connected to an area where there are relationships with people. Sales, HR, secretarial and customer service are common areas. Their high level of excitement and involvement with people creates movement where there was marasmus, awakening in people the desire to get involved. But in their compulsion, they become aggressive manipulators, who charge every move they have made towards each other, and can move people against each other.

For greater balance:

When Type 2 recognize their pattern of behaviour as a way of organizing themselves and not what they really are, they are open to developing the neutralization of emotional addiction (Pride) and contact with themselves through the virtue of Humility. This tool helps them to recognize what they want from themselves, no longer through the attention of the other or the value they give them, allowing a greater integration of their feelings, thoughts and actions.

Examples of Type 2: Luciano Huck, Galvão Bueno, Michel Teló, Juliana Paes, Ana Maria Braga.


  • Charismatic

  • Engaging

  • Willing


  • Attached

  • Incriminators

  • Overbearing

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