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Why the Enneagram?

In our training, we joined the Enneagram to a set of techniques and experiences for emotional management and human development. Used as a map that describes nine human emotions, each related to a Pattern of Behavior, allows each one to become self-aware of the emotions that directly influence you, as well as, identifies the performance style, the motivating and demotivating elements for professional individuals and teams.

To the whole long history of evolution of the knowledge of human behavior and the Enneagram, the Enneagram Institute added Wilhelm Reich's theory of body reading of the nine emotions. Reich, one contemporary neuropsychiatrist, was based on the energy flows of the seven body rings or muscular breastplates that support our forms of think, feel and act, that is, our body's responses to stimuli external. When we consciously look at our body, we can perceive the importance of these emotions and how much they are directly related to it and the shapes it takes.

The Eneagram Institute brings together in its training all this knowledge in experience and dedication in management emotional and personal and professional development of each individual. Everything for assist the participant to become self-conscious and exploit to the maximum their personal and professional potentials.

Thus, for the individual to be emotionally intelligent, respect your emotions, validate them, that is, give yourself the right to feel what feel and manage these emotions so that they are not harmful to your objectives and results.

For the Eneagram Institute any and all professional changes must start with a personal change, in this way our programs act both in the personal as well as professional.

The result? You start to recognize and understand your own emotions, reflect on them and put their conclusions into practice, generating a change positive in the way you behave, make decisions and interact socially.

The Eneagram Institute is the largest company in the Brazil and the world specialist in Enneagram. We promote improvements and development in our customers' lives.

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